Image of Percy Evans Forebears family tree.

Family Tree Update – Ancestry Work by Steve and Alex

I just thought you might be interested to see my Grandfather Percy’s forebears in the tree we have been working on (in the app), below:

Image of Percy Evans Forebears family tree.
Click image to enlarge.

Here is my grandmother Emily Maud’s side of the tree. Depending on the device you are using, clicking/ tapping on the image may help to see it better.

Image shows the Maud Evans family tree.
Click to enlarge.

This family tree can be seen on the Ancestry website but a subscription is necessary, but do contact me if you do sign up as we probably need to give permission for additional users to see this tree fully. (There is a free 14 day trial…)

Please, download this page as an ebook and keep it for the memory.

If after 30 minutes the email has not arrived please check in your email spam, and if it’s not there Facebook Message me, or email me, and I’ll gladly send you the link myself – Steve (

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