Weardale Gardens – Home to Audrey and Doug and Family

Weardale was a lovely place to visit, especially in the summer, with its extensive gardens in secluded woodlands, and Audrey and Doug were the perfect hosts. See also this page for photos of the family in these gardens. On this page, we have collected the slides Percy took of the flowers all in one place.

10 Willis Avenue

10 Willis Avenue – Percy’s Family Home from 1920s to 1960s

Maud and Percy brought up their 4 children in Carshalton Beeches at 10 Willis Avenue. Unfortunately, no photos exist of the interior but on this page, we have the best photo taken of the house. Date: From the date Dennis gave for this car, this must have been taken in the 1930s.

Audrey Doug Sue Jonathan-cropped

Percy’s Grandchildren Sue and Jonathan Growing Up at Weardale Cottage

Audrey and Doug married on 4 June 1949 and moved to Weardale Cottages in 1959 with Susan Anne Evans (nee Sue Burbidge). Situated in the woodland grounds of the demolished stately home Weardale House, on the top of Toy’s Hill, near Westerham in Kent, Audrey and Doug worked with the owner (the National Trust) to […]

Richard Henri Evans

Percy’s Mother and Father – Plus Unique Photo of Great Grandma Evans!

Here is Richard Henri Evans – Percy’s Father born in 1865, married to Florence Minnie Ducket. Richard passed away in 1952.   My Great Grandma (Florence Evans, Percy’s mother) 1863 – 1947. He died at the age of 87 (1865 – 1952) having outlived her by 5 years. She lived to 84.

Stephen Last in Peddle Car.

Percy’s Grandson Stephen Last – Slide Compilation

Percy took photos, and made up slides, showing Stephen Last’s development, as compiled below:  

Margaret and Dig cutting their wedding cake.

The Last Family Slides All in One Place

Margaret and Dig (William Last) cut the cake at their wedding reception. At Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church  

Maud and Percy together after many years of happy marriage.

Maud and Percy Together Magic Lantern Slide Image Compilation

Maud and Percy were married during the 1st World War in 1915. A marriage which lasted 49 years, until Percy’s death in 1964. Sue says: Photo of wedding Percy and Maudon reverse it says 17/7/15 also in my Dad’s handwriting  “Oval Road”,  “39 Anderson Road”.

Percy's Children

Percy’s Snaps of His Own Family

Percy’s Snaps of His Family are particularly interesting with posed images and images of the children in fancy dress costumes.

Dennis and Jeannette and family.

Jeannette and Dennis as a Couple and in Family Groups by Percy

These slides are first of all Jeannette and Dennis as a couple. The first must have been taken during or soon after WW2. There is then a progression of family portraits as the family grows up.    

Carol and Judyth Evans

Adrian, Carol and Judyth – Percy’s Grandchildren in Adelaide

Percy created Magic Lantern Slides showing Dennis and Jeannette’s children during their first stay in Australia in (1959). Their second Ocean Liner trip in 1964 was to include a stay for both of them in Adelaide, but Percy suffered a fatal heart attack in Johannesburg and as a consequence only Maud made it to see […]


Norah and Allan Ramsey – The Start of the Family Connection with Australia

Norah and Allan Ramsey slide compilation. Norah was one of Maud’s sisters. She got to know Allan during the First world War when she participated in an effort to improve moral during WW1. Ladies were asked to volunteer to write to service men away from home, as pen-pals. They exchanged letters and became fond of […]

Margaret Evans (Last)

Percy’s Slides of His Daughter Margaret

Margaret Last (Evans) (My Mother) features almost as often as Maud in Percy’s slides. That’s not unexpected, as she was his only daughter and the youngest. Here is a compilation of Margaret’s photos.