Slides Showing Percy Over the Years 1900 to the 1960s

Percy included many photos of himself in his slideshows. Here’s a compilation of them from his boyhood to retirement.

I am almost certain he had a clockwork timer on his camera which allowed him to set the shot-up and then run around the camera and be in his photos with everyone else.

Percy Evans
Percy Evans, as a boy. If he’s say 9 years old that would put the date of this picture at 1900.
Percy Evans, in his First World War Uniform.
Percy Evans, in his First World War Uniform.
Steve: He Doesn’t look very happy does he? Below is a copy of his WW1 Navy Record from the UK National Records Office:


“…owing to lack of interest in his work has only acquired a fair degree of proficiency.”

Click here to download the full record.
Percy Evans
Percy is probably in his thirties to forties, here so I think this will be from the period between the wars.
Percy, 2nd World War Home Guard uniform.
Percy, in his 2nd World War, Home Guard uniform.
Percy Evans in his middle age.
Percy Evans in his middle age.
Percy Evans
Percy in retirement (possibly at the Oaks Park, Surrey)
Percy and Maud seated.
Percy and Maud seated and most probably pictured in the garden of 10 Willis Avenue.
Extra Photos contributed by Sue Burbidge
Percy WW2
Percy during WW2

Sue said: “PBE home guard?”


Yes. I think he’s posing in his Home Guard uniform – such as it is.

No doubt he is in the back garden at 10 Willis Avenue.

Dennis said: Dad was in the Royal Navy in WW1 as a Petty Officer Paymaster. Don’t really know what that is but presume it was some sort of navy accountant. I don’t know what sort of service information may be available from the RN and have never tried to find out. As you know he was in the Home Guard during WW2.
Percy Smoking Pose
Percy Smoking in the days when everybody smoked and nobody thought it might harm your health.

Sue Said: “Percy. Nothing on reverse”

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    I just added a new photo of Percy in his Home Guard uniform, contributed by Sue.

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