Tray #2 – Images 21 to 25

Image No. 21

Subject: Has to be a photo taken by my Great Grandfather (Richard Henri Evans (1865 – 1952) with my Great Grandmother (Florence Minnie Ducket (1863 – 1947) and their 3 children. (On the right is Frederick Henri Evans (1887 – 1960), on the left is Constance Minnie Evans (1888 – 1958) and the youngest being Percy himself. If Percy was (say) 10 this was taken in 1901, their mother Florence would have been 38, Freddy 14 and Constance (my Aunt Connie) 13 years old.

Don’t you just love those woollen knitted unisex bathing trunks! Heaven forbid you would ever need such a thing as a top if you were a girl? It looks as if Connie has the lower half of her dress tucked into her bathing trunks?

Date: 1901

Notes: Is is a part of the Bournemouth Beach set, or a later occasion? I think that all the Bournemouth slides were taken on the same day at the run of the century. (See the first Bournemouth slides in Tray 1.)


Image No. 22

Subject: Maud in Woodland. Where might this be? They used to go to Headley Heath, Godalming Common, Oaks Park, (Croydon Lane, Carshalton), Woodmansterne Park ETC


Notes: Maud is wearing the same outfit as in Scilly Isles boat slide, and the image below? Is she wearing a dark cardigan or a jacket over the same dress? (Tray 2 Image 19.) Maybe in the image below she has taken off her jacket and all these photos are from the same cycle trip to Land’s End?


Image No. 23

Subject: Maud – Near Lands End (Suggested by Derek)


Notes: I believe that on this occasion Maud and Percy cycled to Lands End for a holiday. Maud’s skirt must have got in the way more than a bit!

Talk about travelling light! It doesn’t look as if they even carried a change of clothes… Could they have been on a  day-trip from Torquay (Babbacombe?) where they had been staying with Percy’s sister Connie and husband Abraham Anning? [Not really, for a day trip but maybe they stayed overnight at this hotel because the distance is 125 miles each way from Babbacombe , and an estimated bike journey time of 12 hours on modern bikes… (Steve)]


Image No. 24

Subject: Percy (1891 – 1964)

Date: If he’s say 9 years old that would put the date at 1900.

Notes: I wonder what the symbol represents on his collar? It’s not the Boy’s Brigade, or Scouts, not Salvation Army, and not YMCA?


Image No. 25

Subject: My Great Grandma “Woodham” (Elizabeth Anne Andrews) 1859 – 1942. Died age 83.

Date: Some time in the 1930s? We think she was a “kept woman” (Mistress to Charles Woodham.) He was 25 years older than her. She was widowed when he died in 1914. I assume he left her some money to live on in his will… If that’s a blackout curtain behind her this could have been taken during World War 2, maybe?

Notes: The first colour photography became available between the wars. This appears as a remarkably good image largely due to the fact that I used modern digital photography filters manually to brighten the image and balance the colours. The original slide was in fact very dense and rather too dark when projected, to see very much.

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