Tray #2 – Images 11 to 15

Image No. 11

Subject: Abbey Gateway, North


Notes: I think that the white text indicates that this slide would have been bought, probably in shop in the town, during a visit.

In fact all the images on this page were probably professionally made and bought. They have been tinted by an artist and must certainly pre-date the invention of colour photography by many years. The idea of a colour slide would have been novel and “entertaining” I guess, when this and the following colour tinted slides were new,

Image No. 12

Subject: Worcester on the River Severn


Notes: The slide is a black and white photo which has been painted with a colour wash. I don’t know who did this, but it was certainly one way to get an effect of colour, before colour photographs had been invented.  Even after colour photography was invented time it would have taken some time afterwards before colour photography became common. For a long while through the 1950s colour photos were just too expensive. Colour film was costly to buy, and the photos didn’t look good in low-light conditions, but mostly the cost was too high for most people to use. Colour film development had to be done by a shop, so the amateur photographer lost the ability to apply their skills with the chemicals while making their own black and white prints at home.


Image No. 13

Subject: Wood Framed Cottage. Clay Tiled not thatched.


Notes: This is the most intricately coloured slide of all. It is once again a black and white image which has been colour over-painted. Painting this slide must have been difficult, considering that the original is only 3 inches square. The brush-work must have required careful work. (The chances are that you are viewing this at a significantly larger size than the original slide.)


Image No. 14

Subject: A harbour? Where? Could this be Sydney Harbour?


Notes: This appears to be one of the oldest slides in the set. It looks likely it was taken before the advent of steam ships. The original was quite finger-marked. Again we see colour washing/ tinting over the black and white image.


Image No. 15

Subject: Conway Castle, North Wales, UK


Notes: Clearly a busy harbour in those days.

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