Image of Percy Evans Forebears family tree.

Family Tree Update – Ancestry Work by Steve and Alex

I just thought you might be interested to see my Grandfather Percy’s forebears in the tree we have been working on (in the app), below: Here is my grandmother Emily Maud’s side of the tree. Depending on the device you are using, clicking/ tapping on the image may help to see it better. This […]


Percy’s Parent’s Cycling Holiday in the 1890s

Percy’s parents went on a cycling holiday in the early 1890s (or earlier) and I presume it was Percy’s Father who took the photos here which he added to his Magic Lantern Slide collection, later to be inherited by Percy. I think from memory that Maud used to say that they cycled, from where they […]

Sailing Goodbyes

Ships and Emotional Sailings

Percy and Maud made two world trips to both Johannsburg and Adelaide sailing on luxury liners. This led to some poignant departures and as usual Percy recorded some of these events in his slides. Dennis’s departure from the UK to Australia…    


Evans Family Cars – 1920s to 1960s

Percy and the family probably didn’t own cars until after the 2nd World War, however, from that time onward cars appear in the slide archive. We thought it would be interesting to collect all the slides which show cars either as the subject of the photo or in the background. Scroll on down to see […]

Percy Evans

Percy’s Photography

I do not know what if, any photographic development and black and white photographic print making, Percy did before they moved to 10 Willis Avenue. But, he was certainly well set-up in that house with a full dark room to enlarge and enhance the prints he made. Working in a Photographic Dark Room I did […]


Magic Lantern Slides and Why They Were Popular

Magic Lantern slides were slides which were shown in “magic lanterns” (slide projectors) and they were first produced in the mid-19th century. Before the days of TV and Computers, people enjoyed “slide shows” in the evenings. For Percy it would have been another way to present his photographs. He would give a slide-show when friends […]