Douglas Evans Growing Up and WW2 Home Guard Volunteer

Douglas John Evans (born 1924) was the second of Maud and Percy’s three boys. In this set of images we have compiled mostly the photos of him on his own. Don’t forget to check out his other photos with Audrey and their children.

Scroll to the bottom to see him in his Home Guard uniform.

Douglas Evans.
Douglas Evans. Lovely photo!
Douglas playing in the waves.
Douglas playing in the waves. Is that Margaret, his younger sister with him?
Doug Evans. Dressing up at 10 Willis Avenue.
Doug Evans. Dressing up at 10 Willis Avenue.
Douglas Evans.
Douglas Evans.

Extra Photo contributed by Sue Burbidge

Doug on a beach in a sandcastle car.
Doug on a beach in a sandcastle car.

Sue Said: “Douglas – He built car sandcastles for my brother and me too. and for his grandson Jeremy!!”


I think it fascinating to see sandcastle building going on across the generations.

Take a look here, to see Percy at the seaside himself in Bournemouth as a child clearly playing near a sandcastle and photographed by his father.

Douglas in Boys Brigade Uniform.
Douglas in Boys Brigade Uniform?
Doug Evans. Ready to defend Britain during WW2.
Doug Evans. Ready to defend Britain during WW2.
Percy, Douglas and other home guard volunteers.
Percy, Douglas, and 2 other home guard volunteers. Percy would have been in his mid-fifties. Douglas, born in 1924 would have been only 15 when the war started on 1 September 1939.
Dennis said: “Douglas … joined the RAF when he reached 18 years and trained as a pilot mainly in Canada. He did not have any useful service. He was sent to India and trained as a glider pilot with a view to taking army units in large gliders to Burma where they were expected to land and not return. This never happened and he had no other useful service.”

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    Douglas was too young to see action in the war. Thankfully, he didn’t have to parachute down behind enemy lines in Burma!

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