Percy as a boy.

Slides Showing Percy Over the Years 1900 to the 1960s

Percy included many photos of himself in his slideshows. Here’s a compilation of them from his boyhood to retirement. I am almost certain he had a clockwork timer on his camera which allowed him to set the shot-up and then run around the camera and be in his photos with everyone else. Sue said: “PBE […]

Percy his Mum, brother and Sister on the beach.

Percy’s Day on Bournemouth Beach Circa: 1901

Around the beginning of the 20th Century Percy’s family visited Bournemouth in Hampshire, and here are the holiday photos from that day over 100 years ago. Family Group on Bournemouth Beach View with Bournemouth Pier in the Background   Bournemouth beach, from the Pier Looking West Towards Highcliffe Bournemouth Beach Looking West from the Pier […]

Percy Evans

Percy’s Photography

I do not know what if, any photographic development and black and white photographic print making, Percy did before they moved to 10 Willis Avenue. But, he was certainly well set-up in that house with a full dark room to enlarge and enhance the prints he made. Working in a Photographic Dark Room I did […]