Tray #1 – Images 21 to 25

Image No. 21

Subject: Ship in (floating?) dock, possibly in Marseille


Notes: Cruise stop over

Image No. 22

Subject: Mount Vesuvious, Sicily, Italy


Notes: Cruise stop over.

Image No. 23

Subject: Elephant


Notes: South Africa visit

Image No. 24

Subject: If I remember correctly, this was at Pretoriuskop Camp in the Kruger National Park in South Africa (Derek)




Image No. 25

Subject: Gold Reef, Johannesburg – Gold Mine on the Witwatersrand somewhere near Johannesburg (Derek)


Notes: Gold mine shaft head winding gear and spoil heap.

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    • Derek Evans
    • April 18, 2020

    Tray 1 Slide 25 – Notes. Suggest change “Gold mine headworks and spoil heap” to “Gold mine shaft head winding gear and spoil heap”

    1. Reply

      Change made. Thanks. (The Kruger Park – One place I’d still like to visit.)

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