Tray #2 – Images 6 to 10

The images in this tray may have been taken by Richard Henri Evans 1865 – 1952. (Lived to 87 years of age.) They look like a set of similar quality and age. A clue might be that Worcester and Malvern are obvious places not far from Offenham, near Evesham, where they lived. Equally, these images might be froma  later date when Percy and Maud were on a trip to visit their parents

Image No. 6

Subject: Ely Cathedral




Image No. 7

Subject: Worcester Cathedral?


Notes: The discolouration is due to deterioration of the image, and not an intentional effect.


Image No. 8

Subject: Malvern town, from the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, UK.




Image No. 9

Subject: Trafalger Square, from the steps of the National Gallery, London.




Image No. 10

Subject: Worcester Cathedral, and the River Severn.



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