May and Ern Hills Family Lantern Slide Compilation

Percy and Maud became friends with my father’s family after WW2 and Margaret’s marriage to “Dig” (Ernest Last – my Father). May and Ern Hills and their daughter Sue lived not far away from Carshalton Beeches, in Carshalton.

Sue now lives in Walton-on-the-Hill with her husband Ken Hunt

Friends of Percy: Ern, May and daughter Susan.
Friends of Percy:Husband Ern, May Hills (William Last’s sister) and their daughter Susan.


Sue Hills
Sue Hills
Sue Hills
Sue Hills
Sue Hills.
Sue Hills. A willing subject for Percy’s photography which was more than be said for many of the pictures he took of his own family!
Cooling down on a hot summer day.
Cooling down on a hot summer day. (Left to right) Sue Hills, Christine (Chrissy), Stephen (Me!) Probably in the back garden of May and Ern’s house .

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